GamerToken Demo Marketplace


Trade unique game items on the blockchain

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How does the GamerToken demo wallet and marketplace work?

The demo wallet

View your transactions on the blockchain.

Credited with free demo GTX.

The marketplace

Use GTX to buy and sell unique assets.

Blockchain ensures your skins are securely represented.

Claim true ownership of your digital assets.

Gear up your character with purchased items.

The demo mmo

Earn GTX by completing quests and achievements.

Purchase in-game currency with GTX.

A universal marketplace for trading and designing digital assets. Utilizing the ERC-721 non-fungible token standard, unique in-game assets, such as rare skins, can be issued in limited quantities, tracked, and traded seamlessly on the marketplace using smart-contracts.

Developers will be provided with an easy to use back-end solution for creating and listing non-fungible game items. The goal of this decentralized marketplace is to act as a neutral, economic hub that promotes free trade and provides rewards for gamers in a safe and sustainable manner.